Tuesday 30 April 2013

The Lone Ranger – ‘Riding for Justice’

The Lone Ranger – ‘Riding for Justice’

Disney has recently released the trailer to The Lone Ranger starring Armie Hammer and Johnny Depp. Directed by Gore Verbinski, and produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, the film tells the story of John Reid’s transformation into the justice seeking ‘lone ranger’ as he is accompanied in his quest by a native American warrior Tonto. The film promises the usual adventure, action and comedic antics that we expect from a Disney and Johnny Depp collaboration (think Pirates of the Caribbean), as Tonto and the Lone Ranger ‘ride together for justice’.

But, what kind of justice are they seeking? It will be interesting to see if the film focuses more on the provision of justice for a community that is riddled with police corruption (as the Lone Ranger says: “If these men represent the law – I’d rather be an outlaw) OR if the ‘justice’ is more revenge oriented (to avenge the death of his brother)?  Perhaps it will be a combination of both.

Either way, we only have to wait til July 4…..

So check out the trailer here and let me know what you think? 


  1. Cool site. Great clip.
    Can't revenge be done/had in a just or legal way?
    I also wondered whether the mask hides his identity or agenda?
    Looking forward to the movie. Gotta love a bit of Wild West.


  2. HI Bart,
    Thanks for your comment!
    Interesting question about whether revenge can be justified legally? I guess it would depend on what type of revenge is sought and whether that matches up with what the law can practically provide. I think sometimes this is why there is such dissatisfaction with the legal system - we want revenge - for the guilty party to 'pay' for what they have done - yet the criminal justice system seeks to serve multiple purposes: punish for wrong-doing; deter future crimes; and satisfy due process. Is there any standard by which we can measure revenge?
    Cass @popgoesthelegal
    Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the movie....

  3. Most interesting is how i find peoples reaction to this retributive justice. It seems to me when on the outside looking in, people seem to forget about their value of due process and fair punishment and substitute it for a 'kill the bastard' or 'lock him up for good' approach, even at times when there isnt conclusive proof of any wrongdoing. Perhaps this is a consequence of the publics desire to see the hammer of justice struck hard to be considered effective, rather than considering that things like community service and circled sentencing can really change a person. No, that would be letting em get off easy, and its all the rich corrupt lawyers fault right?
    In the boots of the man to face laws sentence, i wonder how many would be so rash and think as justice so black and white?

  4. I agree Marcus that public opinion of justice is very subjective.
    I also wonder whether the strong retributive desire we sometimes seem to have against the 'accused' goes beyond seeking what law would see as appropriate punishment, and is more akin to a desire to make them suffer more than the 'victim'? Do we want more than the law can/should provide?