Wednesday 11 June 2014

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The Legal Intersections Research Centre (LIRC) invites you to a Symposium
Through the Looking Glass: the Framing of Law & Justice through Popular Imagination

Date:            Friday 4 July 2014
Time:           9am – 5pm
Location:   67.202 – Moot Court
Register:   Online by 27 June
Registration is free. Places are limited

Following Alice, who contemplates, and then explores, the world on the other side of the looking glass, this symposium calls upon participants to reflect on and encounter the concepts of law and justice as broadly framed within popular imagination via the portal of popular cultural texts. Under this banner, presenters will investigate and revisit issues that map the different dimensions of a cultural legal studies approach to popular culture and its relationship with legal knowledge, law practice and jurisprudence covering issues such as:

·       The role of legal storytelling in transforming, mirroring, creating, and sustaining legal consciousness.
·       The framing and/or distortion of law within popular images and narratives.
·       The transformation of meaning in relation to justice, and/or how justice (dis)connects with law.
·       The (de)mystification of law through popular stories.

Keynote Speaker: JESSICA SILBEY
Biography: Jessica Silbey is a law professor at Suffolk University Law School in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Professor Silbey’s scholarly interests and expertise is in the cultural analysis of law, exploring the law beyond its doctrine to the contexts and processes in which legal relations develop and become significant for everyday actors.  Professor Silbey has published widely in the field of law and film, exploring how film is used as a legal tool and how it becomes an object of legal analysis in light of its history as a cultural object and art form. She recently co-edited a book about law and television entitled Law and Justice on the Small Screen (2012).

Other presenters: Jason Bainbridge, Penny Crofts, David Papke, William MacNeil,   Cassandra Sharp, Kieran Tranter 

Convener: Dr Cassandra Sharp, Senior Lecturer, School of Law

Faculty of Law, Humanities and the Arts, UOW e: