Thursday 3 March 2022

Book Release - Hashtag Jurisprudence

Announcing the release of my book

Hashtag Jurisprudence - Terror and Legality on Twitter

In this book I demonstrate the value of social media analysis for understanding law better. I showcase the use of empirical analysis to illustrate that the response of individuals to global terror events, via social media, provokes an opportunity to interpret the ways in which individuals view their place in the world and their relation to law and justice. It is through analysing these responses that I demonstrate the existence of a ‘hashtag jurisprudence’.

Published by Edward Elgar it is available now and you can find all the details here

Tuesday 4 February 2020

LTC Vol 23 (2019) Available now

Law Text Culture

Latest Issue: Volume 23 (2019)

Legal Materiality

edited by Hyo Yoon Kang and Sara Kendall

now fully available at

From the Introduction by the Issue Editors at p 1: 

"Over the last decade there has been an increased interest in materiality within legal scholarship, as well as in related disciplines that study law and its practices. Much of it has accounted for the concrete and complex manifestations of law through various materials: from formats of inscription to other mediated devices, such as files and images, to bodies and spaces upon and through which law acts. Yet the terms ‘matter’, ‘materials’ and ‘materiality’ are employed in divergent ways across different works, and often without clear distinctions or theoretical delineations.1 This special issue begins from proposing a differentiated understanding of these terms in relation to law and legal scholarship, and embeds them in a broader conception of legality, unpacking their premises and implications." 

Law Text Culture is a trans-continental peer reviewed journal. It publishes critical thinking and creative writing across a range of genres - from artwork and fiction to the traditional scholarly essay. Law Text Culture incites a dialogue crossing disciplines, exciting, in each, fresh perspectives along three axes of inquiry: * Politics: engaging the relationship of force and resistance; * Aesthetics: eliciting the relationship of judgment and expression; and * Ethics: exploring the relationship of self and other. Law Text Culture promotes the exploration of these aspects of these themes through special issues.

Sunday 10 March 2019


Southern Cross University School of Law and Justice, in partnership with the Law, Literature and the Humanities Association of Australasia (LLHAA), is proud to convene and organise the 2019 LLHAA conference titled JurisApocalypse Now! Law in End Times, which will be held at Southern Cross University Gold Coast Campus on 2-4 December 2019.

The conference will explore the intersection of legality, temporality and eschatology, the normatively uncertain and yet inherently creative space originated by the conflicting encounter between the orderly desire of law and the entropic tendency of apocalyptic narratives, with both forces cast against the backdrop of the ever-­deferred notion of time itself.

Furthermore, the conference is organised in conjunction with the 2019 Law and Society Association of Australia and New Zealand (LSAANZ) conference, titled Survive, Thrive, Die: Law in End Times, which will be held on 5-7 December 2019, still at Southern Cross University Gold Coast Campus. The two conferences, although distinct and separate, are nonetheless connected by a shared overarching theme, and are articulated around a shared Postgraduate Day, which will be held on the 5th December. Scholars are invited, in a profoundly interdisciplinary manner, to participate in either or both conferences.

For further information, or if you have any query about the conferences, please visit


Submission deadline: 31 July 2019

The Organising Committee invites the submission of abstracts of original work. Abstracts can be submitted for consideration for an oral presentation or a hard copy poster.
The Organising Committee will endeavour to notify presenters whether their proposed paper has been accepted at the beginning of each month following the abstract’s submission.

Submissions can be made using the following link:


Organising Committee            
Dr Alessandro Pelizzon (Committee Chair)            
Prof William MacNeil (Dean and Head of School)
Associate Professor John Page (Deputy Head of School, Research)            
Ms Ellen Kronen (conference logistics)

We look forward to seeing you at the conferences in December!

Friday 8 March 2019

Law Text Culture Vol 24 (2020) CALL FOR PROPOSALS - GUEST EDITOR/S

Volume 24 (2020) – CALL FOR PROPOSALS 

Due 1 May 2019

The Editorial Board of Law Text Culture is seeking proposals for the 2020 edition of the Journal (Volume 24), due for publication in December 2020.   
Law Text Culture is a transcontinental, peer-reviewed interdisciplinary journal which aims to produce fresh insights and knowledges about law and jurisprudence across three interconnected axes:
Politics: engaging the relationship of force and resistance
Aesthetics: eliciting the relationship of judgment and expression
Ethics: exploring the relationship of self and other.

The annual thematic special issue, curated by guest editors, is selected by the editorial board.  Each issue explores its theme across a range of genres, with scholarly essays and articles sitting alongside visual and literary engagements. In this way, Law Text Culture excites unique intersectional and interdisciplinary encounters with law in all its forms.
Proposals by potential guest editors should include:

  • a concise description of the proposed theme;
  • a draft call for papers setting out the aims and concepts of the issue; and how it fits within the remit of the journal;
  • an indication of the intended authors and how they are to be identified/contacted (eg whether the proposal arises out of a seminar series, conference or workshop);
  • the range of genres (poetry, scholarly essays, visual arts etc) expected to be included;
  • an explanation of how the copy-editing will be completed, including whether the guest editor/s will secure appropriate funding for copy-editing (usually approx $1000), or undertake the copy-editing themselves; and
  • brief details of the guest editor(s).

Proposals should be 1000 words (approx) and should be emailed to the Managing Editor by close of business 1 May 2019. For further information, including the role of guest editors, and the journal style guide, please visit: LTC at LIRC. Details on the editors and themes of previous editions of Law Text Culture are available at: UOW Research Online
Associate Professor Cassandra Sharp
Managing Editor Law Text Culture
School of Law, University of Wollongong NSW

Monday 4 February 2019


‘Posting’ the law: Emerging Narratives of Law and Justice within Social Media discourses
This special issue of the Media and Arts Law Review specifically reflects on the performance of social media in its provocative role of transforming and challenging understandings of law. The issue is designed to particularly explore the work of narrative and/or discourse in the interaction of law and social media in contemporary communication. It will provide a frame within which law and social media scholarship can investigate: the role of discourse in transforming, mirroring, creating, and sustaining legal consciousness; the way law is framed (or questioned and critiqued) within social media narratives; and the extent to which meaning-making about issues of justice is complicated by social media platforms.

The special issue had its origins in a symposium of the same name, hosted by the Legal Intersections Research Centre (LIRC) at UOW in Sep 2017 & organised by the guest editor.* 

The issue includes contributions by the original participants (Sharp, Tranter, Apolo, Tubridy and Todhunter) and an additional contributor (Polak) inspired by the themes of the symposium.

*The guest editor and the contributors would like to thank the UOW Legal Intersections Research Centre (LIRC) and its Director Prof Nan Seuffert, for providing the forum within which such scholarship can flourish.