Monday, 4 February 2019


‘Posting’ the law: Emerging Narratives of Law and Justice within Social Media discourses
This special issue of the Media and Arts Law Review specifically reflects on the performance of social media in its provocative role of transforming and challenging understandings of law. The issue is designed to particularly explore the work of narrative and/or discourse in the interaction of law and social media in contemporary communication. It will provide a frame within which law and social media scholarship can investigate: the role of discourse in transforming, mirroring, creating, and sustaining legal consciousness; the way law is framed (or questioned and critiqued) within social media narratives; and the extent to which meaning-making about issues of justice is complicated by social media platforms.

The special issue had its origins in a symposium of the same name, hosted by the Legal Intersections Research Centre (LIRC) at UOW in Sep 2017 & organised by the guest editor.* 

The issue includes contributions by the original participants (Sharp, Tranter, Apolo, Tubridy and Todhunter) and an additional contributor (Polak) inspired by the themes of the symposium.

*The guest editor and the contributors would like to thank the UOW Legal Intersections Research Centre (LIRC) and its Director Prof Nan Seuffert, for providing the forum within which such scholarship can flourish.


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